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Good witness representation empowers you as a witness.  In many high-stakes cases the litigants (parties) have strong legal representation, but the witnesses (non-party) are underserved.  Often they do not have adequate legal representation, or they are short-changed because they are advised by lawyers whose primary goal is to protect the interests of a party or the witness’s employer – not of the witness themselves.   Such witnesses need to retain separate and independent counsel to safeguard their personal interests. 

Our firm welcomes witness representations in litigations where the important interests of the non-party witnesses warrant separate and independent representation.  Through our services, the non-party witness is counseled to avoid the pitfalls that could otherwise jeopardize their own interests:

    • Criminal exposure  
    • Regulatory exposure
    • Licensing exposure
    • Civil litigation exposure 
    • Securities laws exposure
    • Tax exposure   
    • Harm to employment  
    • Damage to reputation
    • Use of testimony in other pending case or proceeding in which witness is a party
    • Disclosure of confidential information or trade secrets
    • Being discredited through cross-examination about prior inconsistent statements
    • Falling victim to lawyer who puts words in your mouth or distorts your testimony

For Businesses And Attorneys

Witness representation is a distinguishing feature of our firm.  Principal attorney John F. Lang has decades of experience preparing and representing witnesses in both civil and criminal proceedings, and is the author of the highly respected “The Executive's Guide to Depositions: A Practical Reference Explaining the Deposition Stage of Pre-Trial Discovery in Commercial Litigation” (click here for more information on this book).

Our firm offers a broad range of services for witnesses and lawyers including: consultation, witness evaluation, assistance in witness preparation, and representation of witnesses.

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