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White Collar Defense


 Our attorneys have represented both individuals and businesses in investigations, and trials.  Our experience covers a broad range of white collar contexts, including:

  • Representing a national bank that was the subject of a joint investigation by the Department of Justice and Department of the Treasury.  Charges involved allegations of money laundering, as well as currency transaction reporting violations (both national and international). 
    Result:  Avoidance of any action against the bank, as well as assisting its staff in developing a comprehensive compliance program as part of a non-prosecution settlement.
  • Defending the CEO of one of the largest container facilities on the West coast from prosecution arising out of a joint federal task force investigation focused on alleged customs violations and employment of illegal aliens.  Charges included bribery of a federal officer.  The challenges included:

        - The defendant’s prior guilty plea in US District Court
        - A videotaped confession to the FBI
        - An audiotape of the alleged bribery
        - Expected adverse testimony of the defendant’s wife, who helped manage the business

    Results: Withdrawal of the guilty plea, suppression of the confession, development of entrapment defense, and a successful motion for mistrial after two weeks of trial based upon a proof of government’s failure to disclose key documents, proof of perjury by the federal agent who allegedly received the bribe, and a showing that that defendant’s right to present defense had been impaired.  Ultimately all charges were dismissed with prejudice.
  • Representing the CFO of an insurance company accused of fraudulent SEC filings.  The client was under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department, the SEC, and a Special Committee formed by one of the company’s Board of Directors.
    Results: Justice Department took no action and referred matter to SEC.  SEC took no action against client.  Special Committee of Board of Directors recommended that suit not be brought against client.
  • Representing a senior partner of an accounting firm in a lengthy trial of felony tax evasion conspiracy and perjury charges in U.S. District Court.  Challenges included testimony of numerous government cooperators who had previously pleaded guilty in same matter.  These included an attorney and an accountant partner in defendant’s firm.  
    Results: Four-week jury trial ended in mistrial following cross-examination of government’s star witness.  Case later settled based on misdemeanor plea to failing to file an informational return with sentence of probation.  Client retained his CPA license.
  • Conducting an internal investigation, on behalf of a national insurance brokerage firm into allegations of fraud and kickbacks in the construction of a ‘build-out’ of new office space.
    Result: Identification of the individuals responsible of wrong-doings, and discovery of evidence that allowed for prosecution of the perpetrators.
  • Securing a no-action disposition for a stock broker under investigation by the New York Stock Exchange for an alleged front-running violation.
  • Reaching a satisfactory settlement with the government for a nursing home operator in a dispute regarding Medicare reimbursement accounting.
  • Negotiating a mutually acceptable settlement for a technology company under investigation by the New York State Attorney General’s office for alleged Blue Sky Law violations.
  • Being part of a legal team that represented a bankrupt defense contractor against a backdrop of a highly publicized Justice Department investigation for fraud and corruption allegations against public officials, corporate executives, and auditing firms.

    Result: A commendation from then-U.S. Attorney Rudolph Giuliani expressing appreciation for the client’s cooperation with the investigation.

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