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Estate Administration

Practice Description

Once a loved one passes away, his or her estate can get managed through a court proceeding called estate administration or probate.  Through this procedure, debts are paid and assets are properly distributed to beneficiaries by an executor (designated in the will) or an administrator (appointed by the court, possibly a close relative).  The person who passed away is known as the "decedent."  If the decedent were to pass away with an executed will, testate, the executor’s role, also known as the fiduciary’s role, now begins. If the decedent passed away without an executed will, intestate, an administrator will serve in the role of an executor. The length of the process of probating a will depends on the size and complexity of the estate (generally, the assets and liabilities of the decedent) and, if there is a will, whether there are any issues regarding the authenticity and the legality of the will.  The executor or administrator is also required to make a good faith effort to locate all the assets of the decedent and locate all the people who would inherit under the will or the laws applicable to estates where there is no will.

We understand the uniqueness of each case and provide the utmost personalized approaches and strategies to face the needs of you and your family. Our team believes in regular communication and effective counseling to ensure the most resourceful outcome.

Our attorneys have handled the following matters:

  • Advise on fiduciary’s role
  • Assist in the appointing of an Executor or Administrator
  • Probating of a will
  • Filing of accounting of an estate
  • Distribution of assets
  • Sale/appraisal of estate assets
  • Inventory of estate property
  • Location of heirs
  • Estate tax returns
  • Representing beneficiaries
  • Assets investigation
  • Serve as a liaison ensuring the proper handling of assets


We welcome estates in the Metro NY & Westchester areas.

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